The Wolf of Wall Street Film being Boycotted by Animal Rights Group

A United States animal rights group has organized a boycott that’s against Scorsese’s drama for use-of a chimpanzee in 1 of its’ earlier scenes. The chimpanzee, who plays DiCaprio’s pet, roller skates through the company’s offices in slacks and a collared shirt. FOA (abbreviation for Friends of Animals ) thinks that the chimpanzee by the name Chance, suffered irreversible psychological damage after he was forced to act. Chance played a pet of the Wall-Street mogul Jordan Belfort (Leonardo Dicaprio), based on the real life stockbroker. The Chimp often roller skates through the offices wearing a button down shirt & slacks.

According to the press release, New York director of FOA, Edita Birnkrant plans on confronting Martin Scorsese & Leonardo DiCaprio. Edita wrote an expose on animals in the entertainment industry; Hollywood’s Betrayal of Great Apes, in a more recent issue of Action line, the organization’s magazine. Edita Birnkrant argues that the Chimp, who was a subject to cruel teaching ways of the circus trainer earlier-in his life, may suffer from neurotic-behaviors, ultimately making him incapable of socially-interacting with the other chimps, because of his appearance/look in the film.

The movie also features a lion, dogs and a fish. Birnkrant adds that the chimp is most likely to suffer from negative behaviors. In the article titled “Animals in-Entertainment; Hollywood Betrayal of the Great Apes” in Action Line magazine, Edita details Chance’s “life-story of exploitation” & describes “cruel teaching methods and techniques” used by the circus trainer.

The Wolf of Wall Street, a 3 hour black comedy regarding a notorious financial fraudster by the name of Jordan Belfort, was recently named 1 of the top 10 movies of the year by American Film Institute & is being tipped for an Oscars success. The film’s early scenes basically depict some chaotic parties in offices of Jordan Belfort’s in the 1990s Long Island brokerage house Stratton Oakmont, however his real life partner denied suggestions that a chimpanzee was-ever present. Danny Porush, a character who Jonah Hill portrays in this movie, told Mother Jones that “there wasn’t a chimpanzee in-the office.” As a matter of fact, “there weren’t any animals/primates in the offices.” The movie never explains the actual meaning of the primate’s role.

Criticism of The Wolf of Wall Street use of a chimp arrives as Hollywood comes under ever increasing scrutiny for its’ employment of various animals on the screen. Hollywood Reporter recently, published a report that accused industry body The American Humane Association of negligence. The organization, that issues the coveted “There were no-animals harmed in the making-of this picture” stamp which adorns many Hollywood films, was accused-of turning a blind-eye to the mistreatment of various animals on most of the sets in major films.

We all know that a stock broker’s income can be very high, however, in an effort to illustrate that, I believe the director Martin Scorsese decided the chimp would best demonstrate the vast wealth Jordan Belfort received being a stock broker.

Details on the Adidas Boycott by Viva Supporting Animal Rights

If you’re concerned about the way large corporations treat wildlife, than this boycott may interest you. It covers the treatment of kangaroos by the popular sports equipment and attire company Adidas based in Germany. View details below if you want to boycott the company over it’s animal rights violations.

Millions of Kangaroos Killed and Joining Forces

There is an industry that is based on the killing of kangaroos that exterminates almost 7 million kangaroos worldwide. This industry supplies leather for the big first of the world including Adidas, which they use to make baseball mitts, soccer cleats, among other things. VIVA! and Animal Liberation Victoria are joining forces to demand a boycott of Adidas at an international level. This campaign will target these firms one at a time, which was the tactic used in the UK to stop supermarkets from buying kangaroo meat. So Adidas and the Predator shoe will be the first target of the campaign.

The Letter

Since Adidas is the world leader in the soccer cleats market with 70% market share, this target is very important. Adidas sent Viva! a response letter telling the UK group that they really cared about humane harvesting regurgitating the propaganda on population control designed by the KIA. Moreover, Adidas did not reply to a subsequent letter sent to them by Viva! when the UK group requested a meeting. As a result, Viva! has decided to accelerate the campaign in order to have Adidas`s board take notice of what is going on in this market.

Mistreating Kangaroos

Viva! has stated that Adidas is not following the rules set by the Australian regulators saying that kangaroos should be killed right away with only a single shot to their heads. The UK group also states that Adidas kills almost 100,000 kangaroos inhumanely each year. They also said Adidas could make any footwear fairly good from synthetic fabrics, so they call for a boycott of each one of Adidas`s products till the German multinational changes its ways. Even David Beckham received a letter from Viva! about this problem, but they did not get a reply from the soccer star.

Viva! is doing a great job at making sure Adidas stop its massive killing of kangaroos worldwide. Since almost 7 million of kangaroos are killed per year, the UK group has been targeting firms that bring about these ugly results, and Adidas has been doing a terrible job at using leather from kangaroos as a raw material to manufacture its products.

The Montgomery Bust Boycott and its Impact

Although there are still cases of racism in the world today, racial segregation has declined notably. The mostly affected race in this malpractice is the black race. This segregation led to a massive protest by African Americans and led to what became known as the Montgomery Bus Boycott in Alabama, USA. They were against the racially informed Montgomery policy on public transit system that favored the whites.

About the protest

The immediate event that triggered this protest was the arrest of an African-American woman by the name of Rosa Parks on December 1st 1955. Rosa refused to give up her seat for a white person as stipulated by the Montgomery public transit segregation policy.

There had been other altercations of the same nature elsewhere. There were several black activist groups that had begun questioning the segregation policy after the arrest of a 15-year old girl on March 2nd the same year. Bodies like the NAACP had successfully challenged other cases regarding these segregation policies including that of Irene Morgan in 1946 where the segregated interstate bus services were found to be violating the Commerce Clause.

On the night after Rosa’s arrest, several groups came together including the Women’s Political Council and planned on what steps to take. The next day, several other activists including the MIA president King met and deliberated on how they would boycott using buses until their pleas were heard. By December 3rd, the boycott strategy proved to be effective as the number of blacks who used buses was very low. The low numbers in the public transit sector caused serious economic strife in Montgomery and there was need to address the situation.

The Importance of the Montgomery Bus Boycott (Court Ruling)

Due to massive pressure concerning the situation, the civil suit that had been filed was given audience by the federal district court and the racial segregation policy was termed as unconstitutional. Although the state appealed the decision by the federal district court, the Supreme Court upheld the earlier decision and a desegregation campaign was launched immediately. The boycott came to an end on December 20th, 1956 having lasted for slightly over a year. After the desegregation however, what followed was a series of violence that targeted the blacks. This led to the suspension of bus services for several weeks before the situation resumed to normal and the people of Montgomery were now able to get transport services with no segregation at all. You can find a more detailed explanation of these events here.

Here’s A Quick Way To Solve The Starbucks Worker Rights Issues

When you learn of your rights, you will always be on the watch to avoid anyone from interfering with them. That is why there is a great call for the workers rights boycott on Starbucks. There are more than enough reasons to join this cause, first, when people are on the right, why not
support them?

Discover Starbucks

Starbucks is the largest coffee chain in the globe, with more than twenty thousand stores and record sales of $14.9 billion. This is a fortune build by the workers, the coffee farmers and the shareholders. However, out of the great revenue realized, the workers do not get what they deserve. You can find more information on the StarbucksUnion website of what’s been accomplished so far by the employees efforts.

Further on this, the products that they provide to the consumers are not what everyone would desire. The practices and policies that Starbucks have on the use of organic products are not there to benefit everyone. Someone is solely benefiting from this.

Why go for the workers boycott?

One of the greatest reasons to participate in this embargo is the bitter taste that workers are left with. The fact that most of the workers are underpaid by the giant java makes them not possess it to the heart. The rules in the work places that are also applied arbitrarily totally bring a working environment not pleasing to anyone. There is totally no balance between the goals of the corporate and those of the employees.

The unfair firing of workers, the fact that the workers get peanuts is enough torture for anyone who is living. This is worsened by being fired for demanding your rights back. The violation of labor rules is quite rampant and they have had enough of it. When sick, very few are in fear of asking for sick leaves, as there is no pay for anyone who is not at work. This forces the workers to be at place of work thus posing danger to anyone consuming anything from Starbucks.

The workers scheduling software is a ruin to lives, working for more than the allowed eight workers are enough stretch to the workers. The software will optimize the workers to the needs of the workers thus being inconsiderate. Thus, the great need to revise its working schedule policies.

The market leader

Since Starbucks is the market leader, what image does it portray to the smaller firms in the market? If the workers of the already established firms are going through this kind of life, what will those in smaller firm’s experience?

The fact that the market leader uses non-organic food substances to make its products, there is a great probability that others will also do likewise, the best way to stop them from doing it is by being a part of this boycott. There is a great way to touch the lives of others; the way to do it is by visiting this site, You will make such a great difference.

Ferguson Shooting Protests Disrupt Black Friday Shopping

Never before in history has black Friday shopping in Missouri been as slow as it is this year at malls and other shopping places. Some of the most popular malls such as the St. Louis Galleria Mall, Target and Walmart stores were temporarily shut down on black Friday as a result of continued protests over the killing of Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager. Protesters managed to interrupt shopping in these stores by lying on the floor as a reminder of how Michael Brown was killed.

Although some of the shopping areas were reopened later, their black Friday sales were already ruined. The recent decision by the Grand Jury not to indict police officer Darren Wilson has fueled the protests that have spread to other areas. Oakland California was one of the areas that were affected by the protests with major delays reported on the BART West Oakland train station as a result of protesters chaining themselves on the handrails of trains.

Biased Justice System

Amid all the ugly scenes and disruption to normalcy, one message is being passed to the authorities; the criminal justice system is biased against black people. When they are shot or arrested, it seems that they never get the justice they deserve. In most cases, officers use racial profiling in making a decision on how to arrest a suspect. Blacks routinely find themselves receiving harsh treatment that they do not deserve. Unlike the previous protests where buildings were set on fire and the National Guard had to be called in, this time the demonstrators carried themselves peacefully and shared some Turkey with the officers on thanksgiving.

For Michael Brown’s family, an empty seat at his father house captured the sad mood that was amplified by the presence of crying relatives. His father was dignified in sorrow and chose to wear a t-shirt with the word ”Justice” printed prominently. Part of the plan for the black Friday boycott in Ferguson, Missouri was to have shoppers go to black owned stores only or boycott shopping altogether.

Looking forward to recovery

Noting the impact of the protests on businesses, Jay Nixon – the Governor of Missouri announced that the state would provide businesses that had been affected by the protests with zero interest loans to help them with their recovery efforts. On the other hand, volunteers were busy covering broken windows with plywood as a result of the looting that took place earlier in the week.

Although the businesses will recover, the effects of the protests have been felt far and wide and hopefully in the right places.